Bussang and St Maurice sur Moselle




Departure from the summit of the Ballon d’Alsace, in the center “La Jumenterie”, you will ride in the beautiful Vosges mountains side, with a stop in Saint Maurice for a feed zone and an arrival in Bussang.

The cars will be picked up at the top by bus or by your own means. A bicyle park is provided after the race to do the shuttle without your bikes (it takes around one hour).

A big day of riding into the official tracks of the association ” Vosges Nature and VTT” and supported by Bussang Evènements, is waiting for you ! Be ready for 1700 meters elevation and around 40km!

Registration starts at 7:30 to collect your number plate at the top of the Ballon d’Alsace: you will be place in group regarding your number plate with a specific time to collect it. Then you will start directly the race (it’s not possible to go back to your car) for covid reason.  
Departure from 8:40 am and arrival scheduled for 1:30 pm in Bussang for the first ones.

Possibility to book an extra spectator meal during registration (or afterwards by logging on your active account and add a meal) for € 12:
pasta + salad+ dessert


4 stages 39,5 km 1750 D+

A feed zone is provided after stage 2 (before the big uphill to go to stage 3) and at the start of stage 3 we will give another water station (but no food)

Liaison SP1-SP2 :               D+ 660m / D- 120m / 7.60km

Liaison SP2-SP3 :              D+ 555m / D- 160m / 12.20km

Liaison SP3-SP4 :               D+ 530m / D- 210m / 9.00km

Total :                                  D+ 1745m/ D- 490m/ 28.80km


SP1 :                                     D+     0m / D- 470m / 2.80km

SP2 :                                     D+     0m / D- 475m / 2.00km

SP3 :                                     D+     0m / D- 470m / 2.40km

SP4 :                                     D+     0m / D- 350m / 2.50km

Total :                                  D+    0m / D-1750m/ 9.70km


Location de bundalow http://domaine-de-champe.fr/

Auberge de la Bouloiehttps://www.hotel-labouloie-bussang.com/ 

Hôtel du Rouge gazon https://rouge-gazon.fr

Club support

Association Vosges Nature et VTT

Bussang événement




Due to Covid crisis, some rules have to be followed! 

Please come with your own mask and a hydroalcoolic gel, which you need to carry on your pocket during the whole race. The mask has to be wore at the registration process, at the feed zone and at the finish area.

At the registration, you need to come at a specific time regarding your number plate (we will send you the timing before the race). Please come with a 2020 MTB licence or a medical form where it’s written “that you are able to race mtb” dated less than 6 months. We can collect it or you can show us the licence on your phone. Then we’ll give your timing chip, and you will start racing straight away (it’s not possible to go back to your car!)

A minimum of one meter distanciation between rider is also mandatory. 

During the feed zone, the volunteers will give you what you need (you can not touch the food)

The meal after the race is given directly and you need to tell your number plate

Same for the bicycle area park, is prepared to keep your bike during the shuttle to pick up your car, and you need to show either your 2020 licence or your identity car (or on the phone too).