SEPT 13.2020



Collection of plates: from 7:45 to 10:00 am (depending on your start number)
Departure from Sainte Marie (” rue des Jardins, Salle multi-activités”) from 8:00 am to 10:05am
Arrival in Sainte Marie aux Mines from 1.30 p.m.
Podium at 4 p.m.


5 timed stages for adults (15 and over): Cadet, junior, senior, master 40 and master 50, and ebike categories 

Only one women category (not aged one…)

30Km and 1500 meters of elevation gain

3 timed stages for kids people (from 11 to 14 years old): start early at 8:15am together: minimes and cadet categories


Hôtel des Bagenelles

Club support

Vélo Club Sainte marie aux Mines



Due to Covid crisis, some rules have to be followed! 

Please come with your own mask , which you need to carry on your pocket during the whole race. The mask has to be wore at the registration process, at the feed zone and at the finish area.

At the registration, you need to come at a specific time regarding your number plate (written on the start list). Please come with a 2020 MTB licence or a medical form where it’s written “that you are able to race mtb” dated less than 6 months. We can collect it or you can show us the licence on your phone. Then we’ll give your timing chip, and you will start racing straight away (it’s not possible to go back to your car!)

A minimum of one meter distanciation between rider is also mandatory. 

During the feed zone, the volunteers will give you what you need (you can not touch the food)

The meal after the race is given directly and you need to tell your number plate

Have a nice day!